The Adventure of Shopaholic Begins

Still not very sure how to work this new platform… But it seems fun! Hello, everyone on Dayre! This is my 1st posting!

I was not supposed to be shopping AT ALL this week given how I bought shoes like they were free last week… But I got lucky!

WeSC at Orchard Central had their grand opening and invited me over to pick out some items for myself!

Guess who got to shop after all?

Flashy red sneakers which caught my eye. Got this in the end along with a coin pouch for Thom and a cute tropical themed handphone cover!

Went home today a happy girl with lots of goodies in tow!

Now, let's see if I can convince Thom to let me bag THAT pair of Aldo wedges I'm lemming for this week.

The shopaholic in me has no bounds.

Guess who's going to watch Hunger Games later??? A lovely friend of mine managed to snagged 2 free tickets for Thom and I! /auntiebehaviour


If you're following me on Dayre, good for you because I'm sharing here (before we even announce on official TTR platforms) the details of our TTR ONLINE SALE this Sunday at 8pm!

Mark your calendars and set your alarms please.

On top of normal sale prices which are already ridiculously low, we're encouraging you to buy more! More discounts for bulk purchases! The more the merrier!

Yes, we're THAT evil sometimes.
We aim to burn a hole in your pockets. 😈

Waiting for Thom to come meet me so that we can go to the movies! 😁

Tried Maki-san for the first time (slow or what?!) and it was so fun trying to customize my own sushi roll!

Took a quick bite before smuggling it into the cinema and I must say, I like this concept! All my favourites in one sushi roll, awesome!

Hunger Games was just…. Way too awesome!

No spoilers from me though, go watch it yourself!

Off to do some shopping before the shops close!

One of my favourite places to go shoe-shopping!!

Also, because I bought over a certain amount today *coughs*, the staff told me I'm eligible for membership. So I happily filled in the form…

Turns out…

I was already a member since IDK when.


Total WTF moment for me as Thom started reminding me about all the other times I happily bought Aldo shoes without remembering to apply my membership discount.

Oh well… That will give me more reasons to shop at Aldo in future then.

They are having this fabulous promotion now for regular priced items! 😁

Go check them out if you pass them by this weekend! More about my buys tomorrow!

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