My favourite things to shop for!

Good afternoon! I love sleeping in on weekends…

Having the most scrumptious breakfast of yoghurt + banana + strawberry bits! So easy to prepare and so healthy. Yummm.

Excuse me while I go enjoy my breakfast!

Said I would share about my buys yesterday and here I am!

I can never resist buying shoes.
They are my favouritest thing to shop for. Unfortunately, my house is running out of space for them.

I have to make Thom agree to a walk-in shoe wardrobe for our future home.

I might have gone overboard this week at Aldo because they have so many pairs of wedges that come in what I call 'walkable height'. 😣

How can I not buy this! So cheery and happy looking!

And… I don't have a pair of yellow wedges yet.

I bought these last week…
And they were so comfy and awesome to walk in (SUPER STABLE!!).

Plus, cobalt blue is my favourite colour for shoes!!!

The cobalt blue ones were so comfy that I had to get them in black as well…

Black is such a basic colour and can match with so many outfits!

And, if the shoes fit, buy them in more than 1 colour! That's one of my mottos in life. HAHAHA.

And finally, my favourite buy from this week…

I can't explain enough my love for them but they make my legs look wayyyy longer than they actually are.

And just one last photo of my favourite pair!!!

They were on sale too, great buy if I can say so myself!

Now I just got to remind myself that I have the Aldo membership the next time I walk into Aldo.

/stabs self

This is also the other reason why I'm eating grass for the entire month of November.

EP5 with 17mm kit lens!
(The package also came with a 40-100mm lens which will be of great use for my December holiday trip!)

Bought this two weeks back and I'm madly in love with it. So much better than the EP3 I owned previously. Now the EX2F is complaining that I'm neglecting it too much.

Yes… Unfortunately for my bank account, cameras are something which I love buying as well. 3 cameras in 2 years.

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