Went cafe-exploring with Thom today since he finished his exams yesterday. Had brunch at The Bravery!

My must-haves for brunch all in one plate… Runny poached eggs, smoked salmon and toast!

On the table.

Unsweetened coffee. Bleargh. Not mine.

Hopped over to Windowsill Pies for dessert after brunch!

Yummy yummy pies! They taste as good as they look.

The white chocolate pudding truffle pie is my favourite between the two. The truffle flavour was really distinctive but it didn't taste weird or anything given that I have yet to taste truffle with anything else other than fries…

The strawberry lemon was too sour. I'm regretting that I picked it over the banana almond brittle.

One of my favourite outfit combinations from this week.

Just look at the gorgeous gorgeous GORGEOUS lace details. Can't wait to launch this piece on TTR this weekend! 🙂

Back at the TTR office to prepare for the photoshoot tomorrow! Thom "the slave" is doing the steam ironing for me and I'm the girlfriend from hell. Hahaha.

Now I'm just hoping for the weather to be kind to me tomorrow. Please?

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