Life of a Blogshop Owner

Do it with your all, or do nothing at all.

My Dayre has been awfully quiet today not because there's nothing going in my day, but more like too much happened and I'm busy trying to cope with all that busy-ness to think of what to update on my Dayre.

Woke up for a TTR photoshoot early in the morning. I actually don't get much sleep the night before because I feel too much anxiety on the nights before photoshoots.

Yes, after 385850303747 shoots later, I still feel nervous about them.

There are just too many things to coordinate, to look out for and I pretty much feel like an octopus whenever we do photoshoots.

Studio shoots are slightly better because the weather conditions don't bother us. It can be a painful ordeal doing outdoor shoots in Singapore…

It's either insanely hot or freaking raining ALL THE TIME.

Why, weather, why???

Today's shoot went well enough though! So I'm a happy girl. Not-so-happy at the same time because a factory screwed up BIG TIME for a batch of backorders. Woe is me.

Sorry for making you endure my rants about work!

#lifeofablogshopowner #notasgoodaswhatyouthink

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