Perfect Saturday.

Things which make my Saturday a happy one!

A bowl of wholesome breakfast consisting of fruits, nuts and muesli!

Healthy food rarely taste as good as unhealthy food. But somehow you feel good after eating them. Hehe.

Receiving parcels also ranks really highly on my 'happy things' list. Style Nanda is finally here!!!

I can never have enough of these.

Maybe I'll do a post soon on my Style Nanda collection! 😁

My little fluffy pie all dressed up and ready to head out with us!

"Yes? Are you talking about me?"

No face more precious than this.

Pink polka dress which I bought for her from Taiwan! Hehehe. Cute to the max.

Went to the Public Garden flea at Triple One Somerset today with the intention of getting a camera pouch for the EP5…

Didn't manage to see anything I fancy so I left empty handed. 😔

Bought these cute cake-in-a-jars.
Too adorable, no???

I hope they taste good too!

I bought a jar of red velvet and a jar of salted caramel for $12.

Life is wonderful when there's pink ombre cake.

A slice of red velvet cake for you?

There're quite a lot of booths selling cakes at the flea market!

The booth I bought the cake jars from is called Little House of Dreams. They have an actual brick and mortar store too! Will recommend them on my blog if the cakes turn out to taste good! ☺

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