Lace X Florals

Just did 2 x 30 squats, 2 x 30s planks and 2 x 30 arm raises.

Having too much good food lately and I'm feeling the dreaded flabs.

Time to hit the gym soon! I know, I keep saying it every week but I haven't been visiting the gym regularly enough!

One of those outfit combinations which I really, really love. Lace and florals goes so well together, and I can foresee myself putting together many other lace + florals outfits in future!

Isn't the lace top just GORGEOUS? We just launched it on earlier! Not too late if you want to grab a piece of this lovely for yourself!

And yes… The shorts. To be launched next week! I honestly haven't seen floral shorts as pretty as this. Don't miss this for anything in the world!

Name bangle specially customized for me by my good friend Jazreel who runs Sensibar!

I got this since a few months back before she even officially put them on sale. #perksofbeingjazreelsfriend

Makes the perfect gift if I can say so!

Off to indulge myself in a good read and sinful dessert before Monday comes around again!

For some reason, I'm really looking forward to go to work tomorrow.

New found drive and inspiration!

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