I’m a centipede.

Took an hour out of Sunday to tidy up my shoe racks and sort out bags which I want to keep/sell at the Three Blind Mice flea on 28/29 Dec.

I swear I did not know that I have so many bags stashed away….

All my good shoes! I have more shoes outside in the general shoe rack shared by everyone in my family, but these are the ones I reallyyyyy love.

I buy shoes like I'm a centipede. 😳

But anyhoooo, I'm feeling super accomplished now that I have placed all my shoes nicely! I'm not the most organized person around but I'm willing to do it for my precious shoes. Hahaha.

Here's a photo of my new favourite pair of shoes! 😍😍😍

Just too gorgeous, aren't they?

Ok I need to stop. Bye! Have a good Sunday y'all! Don't forget to shop http://www.thetinselrack.com in about 10 minutes' time!

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