What’s in my makeup pouch?

Getting my hair done at Covo right now… And since I have some time to spend while waiting for my hair to look gorgeous, I decided to do a Dayre post on what's inside my makeup pouch!

This is why I hardly bring small bags around. My makeup pouch contains so many things and the pouch alone is already the size of a small clutch.

I bring around a concealer just in case of emergency. I have yet to use it so far but I just feel safe if I have it on me at all times. Haha.

The oil blotter is super useful because my face tends to get oily towards the end of the day. Yucks.

Ever since I got this Pore Master sebum control powder from my Korea trip, I hardly ever use the oil blotter anymore. I love that this sebum control powder smells so good! It also does a lot better at oil control than using oil blotters alone!

Kate eyebrow palette and Tony Moly gel liner.

Also for emergency purposes because the only part I touch up the most when I'm outside is my lip actually.

Anyway they finally came in useful today because my brows appt got rescheduled to another day and I only found out when I was at Browhaus. So I had to walk around without my eyebrows being drawn… Until I remembered that I have the Kate eyebrow palette in my pouch!


All my favourite lip balms!

When I buy lip balms, I buy 2 of the same at a time because I like to have backups. One to put in my makeup pouch and one to put at home.

From left to right: Sugar Advanced Therapy lip balm from Fresh (Got it from Sephora for $33), Dior Lip Glow (can't remember how much, got it from a flight), Burt's Bees tinted lip balm in Pink Blossom (got it from Sephora, can't remember how much either!)

They all work well for me, especially the Sugar Advanced Therapy.

I bring around at least 6 different kinds of lip colours every day so that I can change my lip colour as and when I like during the day.

Favourite brands of lippies are YSL, Laneige and 3CE.

Here're the other 3 lip colours I have in my pouch.

I swap my lippies in the pouch with the ones I have in my home stash every week or so.

In general, I prefer bright and warm colours when it comes to lipsticks. Most of my lip colours look similar but I swear I can tell the difference! Hahaha.

I was never a lip gloss person until I tried these from Etude House!

They are the least sticky lip glosses I have tried so far and the colours look so pretty!

I use them over my lipsticks so that my lips don't flake so much. Flaky lips are gross.

They also give a shine which looks super pretty in real life. Plus, they taste and smell super good!

I bought these from Korea but I'm pretty sure you can find them in the Singapore outlets too.

Okay, that's about everything in the makeup pouch I carry around with me!

I still have a long way to go for my hair. Looking forward to the magic my hair stylist creates!

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