To a healthier me!

Just came back from a 2.4km jog. And I climbed the staircase home after the run, which is no easy feat given that I stay on the 17th floor.

I used to really hate running… So running twice this week = achievement unlocked!

And nope I don't put makeup when I go running (DUH), my eyelashes look awesome because of the eyelash extension I did at Covo! Major loveeeeee.

Kettler 1kg dumb bells are my new best friends. ✌

Say 'NO' to flabs!!!

Met up with the best friend for dinner + shopping + Starbucks yesterday. Love how I can totally be myself around her.

A super rare photo because I hardly ever bring my camera out when I meet my friends, they aren't really the photo-taking types.

It's true that people drift apart as time goes by but I hope we'll stay in each other's lives forever. ☺

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