Hi Mr Snowman!

Today's happy moment: Receiving a box of Christmas cupcakes from a TTR customer Esther, who is the owner of My Sister Bakes!

See the snowman peeping out!

He doesn't know that he's gonna be devoured after photo taking. Muahahahaha.

"Hello Mr Snowman! You know that you're going to be eaten, don't you?"

We stared at them for a really long time because they look wayyyy too cute to be eaten.

Thank you again, Esther!

You've made the TTR girls really happy today!

And since this post is all about Christmas, here's my Christmas inspired outfit!

Something about plaids which looks just about festive enough for Christmas, but also wearable on normal days as well.

Top upcoming on TTR, skirt from Topshop.

I'm so happy that it's already Christmas eve tomorrow! 🎄

Let me have the chance to use more Christmas stickers before I run out of legit excuses. Heheh.

Sorry, one more!!!

Okay, last one, I promise!!!!

Bye, and have a Merry Christmas! ❤

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