Christmas Eve

Went out for tea with @jongsy on Christmas eve because we didn't want to just nua at home.

Really love this outfit which I put together that day!

Will be launching the Lyla Top on TTR in the coming 2014 (since we don't have anymore launches for the year!) and you really don't wanna miss it because it can be worn 3 ways. Hehe.

For eg, an off shoulder top!

You can also wear it like a toga top! šŸ˜‰

The last way is how I wore it in the first photo! As a tube top.

Photo of my shiny new holographic shoes!

We intended to visit another cafe but it closed early on Christmas eve. šŸ˜¦

Ended up at Restore Cafe instead!
Which is not a bad thing cos the dark chocolate tart and berries waffle that we ordered were really scrumptious!

Berry yummy…… šŸ˜‹

And here's what I got from
Thom for Christmas!


I'm quite proud of him because this is one of the rare times that he bought something which I would have bought for myself. It's funny how he knows me inside out but always fails in choosing gifts for me. This time though, he did well!

He even bought the watch in men's size because I like my watches huge.

Have a mighty good Friday, if you're reading this!

I'm off to meet Thom for a quick dinner before heading over to pit building to set up my stall for the flea!

See you if you're going to be there! šŸ™‚

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