TMB flea Day 1

It's 1am and I've just finished setting up my flea booth at the pit building. πŸ˜‚

I hope I will be able to wake up early enough tomorrow!

Was hanging up the clothes I plan to sell for tomorrow and I'm positive that many of you will not walk away empty handed!!!

One hour into the flea and my clothes are more than half cleared!!


Thank you if you came down to the flea and bought something from me!!! My wardrobe is eternally grateful.

Will be topping up my racks tomorrow and bring more new stuff, head down for second round if you haven't had enough!!

My awesome booth neighbour, Yoko from Naked Glory!

All so pretty the watches!

I had a minute just now to shop at her booth and I'm so temptedddd. 😭

My other gorgeous booth neighbours, Daryl and DX! 😘

Sweet gift from a reader Hope who came to shop my booth at the flea! ☺☺☺

Also had many happy moments from spotting so many girls wearing TTR clothes! Thank you all!!!

I've no idea that I have so many clothes in my wardrobe…..

After clearing so many pieces for the flea today, I came home wanting to dig out more pieces so that my booth won't look too pathetic tomorrow.

Guess what?

I have two huge bags of clothes for the flea tomorrow again!

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