TBM flea Day 2

Will reach the flea slightly late!
About 11-ish cos I forgot that I have to buy plastic bags for today instead of leeching off my neighbours again. Hahaha.

See you!

Clothes waiting to go to new owners!

And more!

Yes….. I really have a lot of clothes. You can feel free to bargain with us too! ☺

Come by our booth between 7-8PM later if you're still around and ask me what's the mystery promotion! 😉

Outfit for today's flea!
Thought I should come in flats because I was in super high wedges for the whole of yesterday and I learnt my lesson. 😔

Romper upcoming on TTR soon!! Some girls actually asked about it at the flea. Hehe. It's really pretty in real life!

Flea ended up a huge success! Brought 7 huge bags/boxes of clothes and I went home with 1.

Looks like my wardrobe is saved afterall! ☺

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