Last Vacation of 2013

Jetting off for a short vacation with Thom!


It feels like it's been long since I last stepped into the airport for a holiday trip. But actually I just went to Korea in October.

Hahaha. 😳

Painted my nails colourful to welcome 2014 since I will be counting down overseas!

Comfy outfit to the airport, as always.

I love wearing my denim shirts as an outerwear. Works so well all the time.

I reckon every girl should at least have something like this in their wardrobes. They make for perfect layering!

If you don't, you know what to do. Catch our next launch on TTR! ☺

Surprisingly good shot taken by Thom. Hehe.

It's so hard to get him to take outfit shots for me sometimes. @jongsy still does it better. But I guess I shall have to make do and be more patient with him since he doesn't have much interest in photography and is only doing it because boyfriend duty beckons.

I've been a good girl so far…

No shopping done at the airport yet! And I doubt there is much shopping to do where we're headed.

No wonder Thom chose Yogyakarta as our vacation destination this time round. 😒

3 hours later, I'm in Yogyakarta!!!
The airport and everything in general are pretty run down… But at least my hotel is awesome!

View from my room balcony!

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