Photo of the prettiest pink sunset I caught on my flight back to SG yesterday!

Speaking of which, I've never been happier to be back home after a holiday. No post holiday withdrawal symptoms for me this time round!

I hope everyone had a good Friday!

First void deck OOTD of year 2014. Hehe.

I just love it so much.


It's so perfect for a casual brunch or some weekend shopping.

Another photo for you, this one shows the lace waist details better! 😁

Don't miss this dress! I say it's really awesome for CNY visiting too!

Since CNY is just less than a month away, time to start hunting for pieces because before you know it, CNY would have arrived.

We're gonna step up on the launches as well so that we can finish launching all the gorgeous pieces in time!

Ending off with my pretty hexagon watch from Naked Glory my favourite watch sponsor!!

I've been wearing this with almost all my outfit because it's so versatile. 😍

At my last count, I'm a proud owner of 15/16 Naked Glory watches. Am I lucky or lucky to have such an awesome sponsor with products that I love to death??!

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