Bought a digital skipping rope.
Shall work super hard towards a healthier lifestyle in 2014!

New year, new resolutions.

Working out at least once a week sounds good. I'll update my Dayre whenever I work out so that I will feel less lazy and more motivated!

Team brunch at Fourty Hands today to celebrate our dear Erica's birthday! πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰

The sisters and I reached wayyyy earlier than the others (yay for being punctual!) so we ordered first!

Ordered the Eggs Cocotte and it was so. damn. good.


Love anything with truffle oil!
It came with awesome sauteed mushrooms + spinach too.

@yanbell's mocha with swirly coffee art!

Fourty Hands' version of big breakfast.

Still think that my Eggs Cocotte win hands down!!

Pretty birthday girl with her home baked carrot and walnut cake by the most talented baker on the team, Audrey!


EP trying to be funny. LOLOL. πŸ˜‚

Fisheye fun with @yanbell's lens!!! Hehe.

Ugly faces.

More ugly faces. 😩

The J sisters with our adopted sister Jerica. Hahahaha.

Outfit for today's brunch outing!
The shorts has been asked about many many times when I wore it to the TBM flea last week.


I actually…. Wore this outfit again today because I was too busy to take OOTD photos last week during the flea.

You wouldn't want to miss these 2 items because they are really super gorgeous in real life. 😭

This makes a perfect CNY visiting outfit too because it looks festive enough but casual enough to be worn more than once (during CNY)!

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