The Staycation

Had a mini staycation with Thom at The Sultan cos we did a photoshoot for TTR and didn't want to waste the "breakfast for 2 included".

Turns out, we didn't manage to wake up for breakfast ANYWAY.

Haha joke. πŸ˜‚

I'm finally back updating my Dayre again! Been feeling super uninspired and uninteresting, my blog is getting neglected as well. πŸ˜” Need to get my blogging mojo back! I guess I'll start with Dayre cos drafting out a coherent and interesting blogpost can be too tiring at times.

Successfully spent 4 hours yesterday shooting and wrapping up the photoshoot work for our CNY collections!

We've been squeezing 2 collections into every photoshoot and it's so tough on the entire team, especially @melvinlau, Mel and DX! But thanks to everyone's perseverance, we managed to pull both shoots off! πŸ˜‰

Expect lots of launches coming your way this CNY!

My staycation outfit, black furry cardigan and self manufactured romper from!

Love love love!

The cardigan looks like any other black cardigan in photos, but it's super gorgeous in real lifeeeeee! /squeals

I'm so into furry clothes lately. I also bought a black furry top from Topshop's sale a few days ago. πŸ™Š

The romper is also damn flattering and comfy! You know how some clothes are so comfortable and you won't feel the need to change out immediately when you reach home? Yupp, this is it!

Look who's the same colour as my romper??? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Anyway, you can quote 'Joyce' if you shop with everydaypeople for any purchase!

Hehehe. Whatchu waiting for!!

On an unrelated side note, I've been sticking to my 'exercise at least once a week' resolution pretty well!

So far, so good. Healthy lifestyle here I come!

And next… I need to try and sleep earlier. So it's the bed for me now! Goodnight, whoever is reading! 😘

Just uploaded some outfits taken from my staycation yesterday and decided to post them here!

If you remember, we have a dress called the La Vie En Dress from a few CNYs back. Decided to bring this pretty design back in the form of a tank top!

Check out the pretty back details too! 😍

This top would be perfect for a casual day out if you pair it with a pair of denim shorts/jeans!

For special dates/CNY, I think a flowy maxi skirt would be awesome!

We also used the prints from the Magnolia Shorts to do a spag top!
If you own the shorts, you can now get the spag to wear it as a set. Sounds like an idea eh?

The floral wallpaper looks too nice! So here's a floral x floral outfit photo! Heh.

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