Milk Tea

Say hello to Milk Tea the bunneh!!! 🐰

I'm so happy to be finally able to bring her home today!!

So far I've spent my last hour sitting in front of the cage seeing if she would eat. And I'm also trying to potty train her so I'm armed with the pee spray and ready to wipe her pee away the moment she does her business. 😂

We were telling Xiaobai that Milk Tea is "friend, not food".

Thankfully Xiaobai is rather timid (understatement of the century) so she didn't really bother Milk Tea much… Heh.

I hoping that they will be friends soon!!

This is Milk Tea in the box, on the way home just now.

Milk Tea trying to figure out how to eat from her hay ball!

And success! Guess she's a pretty smart buns after all! Hehehe. 🐰

And here's why I picked Milk Tea out from all the other bunnies available:

She burrows her head into the bend of my arm just like Xiaobai always does. Awwww. Hehe.

Hi cutie! I hope you love your new home! 😍

And tadah….. Milk Tea's favourite pee spot is….

On Thom's pants!

So far, she already did it twice. Either Thom is super lucky, or she wants to mark him as her own! Hahahah.

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