Just let Milk Tea out of her cage and she immediately did a few binkies!

It's really cute to watch!

If you don't know what a binky is, it's a kind of jump in the air and twisting their heads/ears at the same time. It's the happiest rabbit expression so I guess she's really happy to be hopping around freely!

My babygirl also made good progress today! She ventured really near to Milk Tea to take a few sniffs.

But afterwards when Milk Tea started to hop around, she started barking. LOL. Still feeling jealous I guess! 🐶

Her Royal Fur-ness enjoying morning head rubs!

Loves it when she flops to the side and shows her white furry belly! 😍

"Can we go for a walk please? But I don't like walking… So can you carry me while you walk around the park?"

"Yay! I love walks!"

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