Curious curious.

Good morning! (Okay actually already afternoon lol)

Curious bunneh is curious!
Her ears sort of flop upwards instead of being down when she's interested in her surroundings… Too cute too cute!

Am on my way now to get my nails done at my awesome sponsor's! Can't wait to see the magic they create! 😁

I'm so excited to show my nails!!!!

Hehehe wait for it…..

Super cute pineapple nails for CNY! 🍍🍍🍍

I didn't want something overly CNY-ish because I wanted to keep my nails past CNY. And pineapple tarts are my favourite CNY goodie.. So pineapples it is!


Gotta love my nail sponsor Milly's! ☺ @xmillyxu

If you have yet to get your nails done, you gotta hurry! They are already super packed for CNY so I'm not sure if you can still get a slot.. Super good business one!

And my pineapple nails are inspired by my favourite Naked Glory watch right here!






Nightly walk with my babygirl!
To shed off those calories. 😌

Just an update: We have yet to see success socializing Xiaobai and Milk Tea!! 😦

This was the closest they would get to each other with me and @jongsy holding each of them.

When I let Milk Tea out, Xiaobai would watch (on my lap) curiously as Milk Tea hops around on the floor. Then she proceeds super cautiously towards Milk Tea… And Milk Tea being gutsy, would hop towards her.. That's when Xiaobai would go into her defensive stance and start barking at Milk Tea. End of interaction.

"Milk Tea looks like toy toy!"


"What do you mean I look like toy toy? I'm a true blue bunny!!!"

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