My recent obsession with this super cute IG account with super cute dogs!!

You can also follow this account at @r_ose to see the super adorable dogs. Looking at their photos never fail to make me happy!

She has like 18 of them and it's just crazy.

My favourite out of the lot is Sugar, she's the one at the back of this photo! 😍😍😍



Friday's florals!

Love this romper so much and I put in quite a bit of effort to source for these floral prints. The best thing about nice prints is when they come in thick, luxe material as well! ☺☺☺ So glad I decided to manufacture this piece in florals instead of solid colours like the original Topshop piece!

Have a fantastic Friday everyone!!

I'm heading home to spend Friday night with my little babies and Thom! 😁

I promise you, the fit is super awesome.

Another reason not to miss our launch this Sunday! It's also our final launch before we take a short CNY break!

Hehehe before I go off from work, here's a short video of Milk Tea enjoying head rubs! 🐰

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