Little imp went for her first grooming session today! 💇💅

"But… I'm pretty enough already mom. I don't think I need grooming."

If you don't know, it's advisable to bring your bunny/pet for grooming every month. A good groomer will check for the body condition of your pet and alert you if they have any conditions which needs attention.

For Milk Tea, the groomer gave her a powder bath, clipped and filed her nails, trimmed her fur and cleaned her ears! 🐰✨

And here's her playing happily with a new toy which I got for her at the groomer's! So pretty right the colours! Hehehe.

"I love my new toy!!!"

Tossing with all her might!

"Must you, mom? This is so unglamorous! I hate you. 😑"

Tired out from her first time travelling out of the house!

Cutie pie Milk Tea is now ready for CNY! Huat ah!

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