The Big Move

Looking up on office decoration ideas for the past few days…

And I quite like the monochrome look! 😁

Looks so nice and conducive for work! 😍

It's actually quite a happy feeling to be shifting office.

2 years seem really short though. If the landlord had not remind me of contract renewal, I would not even know that we have been there for 2 years already!

Although shifting everything is gonna be a bitch (in fact, we now have 10 X more things to shift compared to our last move), I still think it's good to shift to a new place after 2 years of being in the current office. Another chance to redecorate the office, yay!

If you've been to our current office for self collection and wondering why we are always so "secretive" about the inside of our office and keeping you girls outside during collection, it's because our office is horribly messy and unkempt.

It's also because we have not partitioned the office according to warehouse/office/studio. So our stocks are all over the place…… Lol.

Definitely going to do some proper planning for the new office so that there's an appropriate space for everything!!

Also happy about the move because it means our delivery man no longer has to do extreme manual work like…. Carrying bags and bags of stocks up the 3 long flight of stairs! And he also no longer has to lug huge yellow bags of parcels down the 3 long flight of stairs. Again, you would know the pain of the stairs if you came for self collection before.

So this time round, we searched for an office that has direct carpark access + cargo lifts!

So far, we are quite pleased with our choice of office…

More pictures to come when we confirm with the agent for that unit! 😉

More updates again soon!

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