Let me just begin this entry by saying that….

I blogged!

After much procrastination, I finally blogged about my CNY! And then yesterday, an outfit entry which I haven't been doing for AGES. Hehe.

/guilty face

Some updates of my travelling schedule for this couple of weeks..

Penang from 23-26 Feb and work trip to i-am-not-going-to-tell-you-where from 3-6 Mar. And possibly a Genting trip from 15-16 Mar which is sponsored.

Not too exciting but somehow I'm looking forward to getting out of the country!

Weirdly, I'm the most excited for the work trip even though I got SO sick of them some time last year. Can't wait to rush the factories into churning out new and pretty designs for TTR customers!

Super excited to launch this basic tee on Sunday!

It's oh so very comfy and I have to warn you that you might not want to take it off after wearing it.


Comes in 5 colours! I want to ask you to guess the colours but then again, we're so predictable when it comes to colours. We'll definitely be trying more adventurous colours for TTR this year!

Let me know what colours you would like to see? 😉

Ok I know this post is not very coherent but I just want to show you my favourite pair of heels at the moment!


I'm trying to save as much as I can for the house coming in 3 years' time. But somehow, shoes are just….. Evil.

I can stop myself from buying clothes/bags/accessories but so hard not to buy shoes!

So I told Thom to take away my ATM card. And now I'm living off a weekly allowance. Please do not show me any shoes. Thanks. Hahaha.

What keeps me entertained after work every day.

Teehee. She's in her moulting/ugly stage right now. Shedding tons of fur and @jongsy's nose cannot take it. 😪

Can't wait for her to grow bigger!!

"Where got ugly!! Where!!"

"Erm…. Your face has patches of uneven fur? And your nose is wet from your water bottle!"


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