The way her ears perk up is just way too cute, they remind me of the wings of an aeroplane!

I'm killing some time because I've too much on my hands right now. Was planning to go for an evening jog at Bishan Park with Thom but we ended up at TTSH's A&E because his brother unfortunately got into an accident on the CTE. The fortunate thing is that he only had a dislocated shoulder.

And if you know the amount of waiting at the A&E…. It's really horribly long.

Hoping that his brother recovers soon!

And I can also imagine how much nagging will be done by Thom's parents about the dangers of riding on a motorbike etc. 😩

Oh well, I guess parents will always be parents. And parents always nag.

Another mugshot of the bunny!

She's still growing rapidly… Which is not really a surprise since all she does is to eat and sleep all day. I think her daily night time exercise is not even enough to offset the amount she eats.

Her favourite food is pellets and she only eats her hay when the pellets are finished (and I refuse to give her anymore so that she can have a balanced diet)!

Her face looks a little more grown compared to when I first got her. And I prefer it this way actually!

And since it's the weekends, I hope you got to indulge in your favourite food! 😉

Had brownies drizzled with salted caramel sauce for breakfast (okay more like brunch) today, with a glass of milk. Hehehe. Fattening but I don't care.

Eat first, think later! 😛

The brownies are insanely rich and dense. Heh. Let me know if you want this recipe!

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