So hungry just by looking at this bowl of awesome Penang Laksa!!!

I'm actually sitting at Ikea right now (to get some decorating and furnishing ideas for the new office!) waiting for my Ikea meatballs. Hehehe. 😈 Anyone craving for them??

And I'm torturing myself (hopefully some of you too!) by showing you this plate of super duper yummy char kuey tiao from my Penang trip….

It was a food-filling trip because all we did was to eat. Every 2 hours.

During each meal we would discuss what to eat next.

I didn't dare to go anywhere near a weighing machine after I got back because I'm pretty sure I gained weight from all that non stop eating action. 😬

(Famous Penang Road Chendol!!!! 👆)

Anyway, I will be compiling the details of the good food places that I went, hopefully it will serve as a good guide for those of you who are going/planning to visit Penang, Georgetown.

Blog about it soon! Pinky promise!

My meatballs are here!!!!


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