Today's outfit! Top and bottom both upcoming on TTR!

Top not so soon.. It has the prettiest floral crochet details which can't really be seen from this picture. Skirt we're launching this Sunday! 🙂 I really reallyyyy love the super cute suede material we picked for this skirt.

I'm sorry that you haven't been seeing much of me on my social media platforms (except Instagram hehe).

I've been kept busy preparing and rushing through all my samples for the past week. Every single day is like a hurricane. On top of that, I have been down with the flu for the past few days. Visited the doctor and am feeling better today. So I shall attempt to do up a decent blog post tonight!

Really dreading April because I'm going to disappear even more…

Revamping and relaunching the TTR site + doing up and moving into a new office.

Marks the start of another new phase for us BUT it also means that I am not going to have much of a personal life. I can only hope for May to come soon. Hahaha.

Random but nah, here's a closer look at my OOTD for today!

While I'm on my way to meet my girls for dinner, let me show you my favourite necklaces from tomorrow's launch!

I like the silver one (posted on my ig) and the one with the black leather strap! Needless to say, I kept them for myself!

It's been really long since we've brought necklaces in for TTR and I went slightly crazy while sourcing for them. LOL. The shopaholic in me comes out even on work trips. Guess that's a good thing, I mix work and pleasure! 😝

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