Polka Dots.

Loving my outfit for today!

Kept this mesh polka dot skirt from DX but she has yet to launch it on http://www.shopeverydaypeople.com… So keep your eyes peeled if you love this piece as much as I do!

I paired it with a polka dot bralet from Topshop. 😁😁😁

Happy in polka dots!


Going to catch Divergent at a movie premiere with Thom now, bye!!

Divergent is such an awesome movie!!

I give it 5/5 popcorns! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Would totally pay to watch the movie even if I had to. Worth every single minute of the 2.5hrs spent in the cinema. Am thinking of getting the original novel too!

It reminds me a little of The Hunger Games. No spoilers from me so please go watch it!

Thank you Nuffnang for the invite! 😘

Date night with boyfriend now!

Bye!!! 👋

Ending my day with this fuzzy little thing snuggling on my lap. Life's good like that. ☺

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