I think we ran out of truffle fries luck today. 😦

Was at Tiong Bahru when @jessaiee had cravings for truffle fries. So we hopped over to Fourty Hands because we googled and they happen to have truffle fries.

Turns out they were closed for renovation till April.


So we decided to drive over to Sprmkrt because it was like a 5 minutes drive away.

And…… They were SOLD OUT on truffle fries entirely.



And we eventually ended up at PS Cafe @ Ann Siang Hill for our truffle fries fix.

Maybe we're just not meant to have truffle fries today.

LOL. 😂

Finally visited Plain Vanilla today too!

The cafe had too little seats, in my opinion.

And I really don't like the communal table setting. Prefer individual tables because they allow more privacy. Haha it's like I could not help eavesdrop on the conversations beside me.


I took this photo and only realised that there was something REALLY WRONG with it after a long while.

Can you spot it?

The magazine had pictures of chest hair all over!!

9 x chest hair and all three of us did not realise until we happily finished up the cupcakes and was too late to take another photo with a different magazine page. 😩


#chesthairandcupcakes anyone???

Actually it's not super noticeable but once you realise, you just KEEP ON realising how gross it is.

#nochesthair here.

Just wanna introduce my favourite flavours out of the 4 we tried today!

Salted Caramel and White Chocolate Strawberry!


We also had red velvet and chocolate hazelnut but they were pretty average.

Really like how moist Plain Vanilla Cupcakes are! 🙂

Definitely returning for more!

My truffle fries are finally here after many trials and tribulations!!


Off to savour them now, have a mighty good Friday, y'all!

Wasn't lying when I said I love the movie Divergent!

So happy to have found all three books of this trilogy. Now I have something to keep my weekend occupied! 🙂

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