When it's 5-freaking-am in the morning and I am still being kept wide eyed awake by thunderous snores…….

I feel almost murderous.

And so I resort to doing things like scrolling through my IG which does not have many updates at this unearthly hour, or Dayre.

It is really unimaginable how someone so petite *coughjessiecough* can snore SO LOUDLY.

I just hope for her future husband's sanity sake, that he sleeps like a log. A dead log.

I think it is high time for me to consider sleeping in the living room (urghhh no air con and no proper bed), get my own room (only left with the study room at home but it's filled with too much stuff, won't be able to get a bed in) move out (to where???), or maybe just resign to fate and use ear plugs.

I might as well also consider living a nocturnal lifestyle.

Ok her snores are getting softer now.

I better try to fall asleep before her snore volume becomes higher again.

God save me.

Despite the lack of sleep last night, I'm extremely hyped to start my juice cleanse today!! 😊

My first juice today is the Popeye Smoothie!

Getting to it in a while, will update you on how it tastes!

I just had a cup of warm lemon water as recommended on the cleanse journal. On top of the juices, they recommend a high level of water intake to flush out the toxins! πŸ™‚

13:58// Did a weigh in before I start on my first juice and my current weight is 47.3kg.

It's been hovering between 47 and 48 for the longest time, but it's really hard for me to drop weight because a lot of it is muscle mass. ;(

I hope the HIC juices will make me feel lighter!

14:03// Had my first few sips of the Popeye Smoothie and it exceeded my expectations!

It has Red Dragonfruit, Pineapple, Banana, Spinach and Ionized Water in it..

Spinach sounds nasty but luckily I could mostly taste banana and pineapple only! 😁

The juice is also quite 'thick' as compared to the normal fruit juices you get outside because it's cold pressed!

14:17// First bottle down!!

I feel so full right now….
I don't even think I will feel hungry at all for the next 2 days cos I need to drink one bottle every 2 hours.

5 more bottles to go!

15:32// This is torture. Accompanying @jongsy to buy her lunch.

Good thing that I don't feel hungry yet! Probably just being greedy. Meh.

See no evil. Smell no evil. πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š

16:10// Juice number 2 of the day is the least anticipated and most dreaded flavour for me.

4 Carats.

Consisting of Carrot, Apple, Cucumber and Celery.

Well, I never ever ever ever go near celery and carrot if I can help it. My most hated veggies of all time. And now I have to drink BOTH at one go. πŸ˜«πŸ˜–πŸ˜£πŸ˜žπŸ˜”

Not as bad as I thought!

I imagined worst but the celery and carrot didn't really taste very distinctive when I took my first few gulps.

The aftertaste though….
Reeks of celery, celery and celery.

Oh well. Can't expect every juice to be yummy! Healthy food are hardly as tasty as unhealthy food. LOL.

Got through my 3rd and 4th bottles!

The Cool As A… juice tasted much more like celery compared the 4 Carats! Definitely wasn't expecting that. Had to take big gulps and lots of water in between gulps to finish the bottle.

I. Really. Hate. Celery.

The 4th bottle tasted really surprising. It had cayenne pepper added to it which made it taste spicy. I've never had any spicy juices before. Hmm can't say that I like it much! πŸ˜₯

Kale Tales tasted like veggies. I cannot really tell that there are cucumber, apple and coconut water inside! Hahaha.

Usually when I buy juices from fruit juice stalls, I steer clear of greens (including carrot) because I don't like them! I'm totally not a greens person even though I know they are good for me. Meh. πŸ˜ͺ

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