My Dayre's getting boring!

Thought I'll post up a compilation of my recent outfits. Which happens to be mostly white/black/grey. I think I'm going through a colourless phase.

I used to love crazy colours so much! Not that I'm totally steerig clear of them right now. But I just kinda… Don't have the urge to reach out for them as much lately. Am I getting old and boring???

Woohoo we finally got down to manufacturing plain basic cotton tees!

This one's quite special though, it comes with a raw edge hem! 😍😍😍

Did a flatlay for an upcoming v neck cropped top that comes in the most gorgeous floral prints. Hehehe.

Paired it with a midi skirt sample which we're still working on!

Yet to perfect the design yet, but I love the material we picked for the skirt!! 😍 I have a fetish for materials which are relatively crease-free. Hahaha. Don't need to iron as much!

Knot Over You Tee in white which is all sold for now.. Join the waiting list and holler if you want us to bring it back!

Belmont Crochet Shrug in Florals are up on backorders right now!

We had to visualise this piece from scratch and had no idea if florals would go well with the design. But turns out, the floral version is the most popular! 😁 Love it when such risks pay off.

Helix Graphic Tee which flew off the website once we launched. Extremely glad to have been able to secure backorders for this Topshop inspired piece!

Jarlo Suede Top which was extremely popular as well.

We only managed to open up limited slots for the backorder, which were gone in less than an hour! The supplier refused to make extra pieces for us. ;(

But when there's a will, there are bound to be ways! We managed to find the same fabric and will be manufacturing this piece under the TTR label. Those of you who didn't manage to secure a slot, DON'T DESPAIR!

My 6 bottles of juices for tomorrow!!

I'm quite excited to start on this cleanse!

I've never done any form of cleanse/detox before so I'm curious to see the results. Heh.

2 days prior to the cleanse, you're advised to eat light and if possible, raw food. This is to prep your body and ease it into the cleansing routine!

However, I succumbed to food yesterday and only managed to eat light today!

My awesome mummy cooked black rice porridge for lunch and made me salad for dinner.

Hopefully this cleanse will be a good experience for me! Will be sharing about my progress on the blog if you wanna find out how it goes! 😉

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