Last bottle for Day 1 – Nut Milk!

Ok with it except I find the almond taste a little too strong for my liking. Haha ya I'm a super fussy eater I know! So many things I don't like.

I seriously don't have any urge to eat for the entire day. I feel extremely full by the time I finished drinking my 4th bottle!

Is this normal? I thought I would have to fight super hard not to give in to my hunger pangs but I'm actually struggling to finish my juices.

Weighed myself this morning and I'm now 46.2kg!

My juices for Day 2.

The names and ingredients sound nastier than Day 1… Not sure if I can get through all 6 bottles but I'm gonna try!!

Totally not looking forward to Kaleidoscope. šŸ˜¦

Got through these 2 bottles today!

Heart Beet was alright I guess… But some of you might not be able to stand the aftertaste of ginger, which was pretty strong in my opinion.

Oh My Greens tasted like death. šŸ˜£šŸ˜£šŸ˜£

It has 2 of my most hated veggies, celery and broccoli! I could barely taste the apple and pineapple. Boo. The celery taste was way stronger than Cool As A… and 4 Carats! šŸ˜­

Despite the fact that I don't really take to the flavours of some juices, I gotta say that they really really work!

I feel so much lighter and slimmer after my first day of cleanse! Not kidding at all.

I can haz flat tummy now!
(That's why I chose to wear this skirt today hahaha!) Those who own skirts of such cutting/material should know that it is super unforgiving at the tummy area! Love that I don't have to suck in my tummy and feel uncomfortable in this outfit for the entire day.

This skirt actually feels quite loose at the waist area… šŸ˜šŸ’Ŗ

Although I don't think it's obvious in this picture. But hey, no bulging tummy! āœŒ

Hooray for juice cleanses!

If I had to rate the flavours for Day 2, it would be:

1) Pure Coconut Water
2) Heart Beet
3) Lemon 'N' Spice
4) Oh My Greens!
5) Cool As A…
6) Kaleidoscope

I have yet to get started on Pure Coconut Water cos that's my last bottle, but I'm still pretty sure it will taste the best! LOL.

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