On my last day of juice cleanse and I'm feeling light as a bird!

Brought my juices out for a day of errands and it's actually still pretty easy to maintain the cleanse routine even if you're on the go. HIC thoughtfully provided cooler bags so that the juices will maintain their freshness! ☺

Thanks to the juice cleanse, I feel kind of radiant and definitely healthier!

My skin looks more glowy. And I also slept better for the past 2 nights! This juice cleanse definitely did me a lot of good!

The best of of the juice cleanse is definitely the weight loss!

Rushed out of the house today so I didn't have time to plop myself on the weighing machine. Quite sure I'm lighter than yesterday! 🙂

This Topshop skirt which I bought last week feels so loose today. It definitely fits well on me when I bought it. Hahaha.

Legs haven't looked this slim in a long, long while. 😛😛

Pretty chunky wooden heels courtesy of http://www.infinitepixie.com! 😚

Went to check on the progress of the new office!

Nothing much going on yet but the electrical stuff are all done!

The aircon will be coming in tomorrow and partitions will go up on Monday! Woohoo! 😁

Little fatty says 'Hi!!'

Haven't been posting many pictures of her cos she has been shedding fur like cray for the past 2 months.

It's been getting better recently though. But there's another weird line above her nose and I suspect that will be the beginning of shedding round 2. 😒

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