Starting to clear out my clothes for the upcoming TBM Sorority happening at the Raffles Exchange on 26 April!

TTR won't be there but @jongsy and I will be placing our preloved clothes at the bloggers' corner to sell! 😉

Please help cos my wardrobe is exploding once again. 😅

Do swing by to check our clothes out!!


For more information, you can follow @threeblindmiceflea on IG! 🙂

I'm clearing all the pieces there at $5 and $10 ONLY! #lelonglelong

I'm guessing that all the bloggers' clothes will be placed together randomly.. But the pieces will have tags with our individual names on them!

Such a dilemma deciding which pieces to sell!!

After half an hour of delving into our closets, we came up with 3 super huge BKK luggages for sale!


I need to stop hoarding so much clothes!

Met Yoko of Naked Glory for brunch on Sunday to discuss the new logo/website layout for TTR and she passed me several gorgeous timepieces!


The Romanson Solitaire is definitely my favourite of the lot! The faceted watch face is really pretty in real life. Even prettier than this picture I took, swear!

And this is my pick for today: Hendacagon Glamourous in Gold! So popular that it's on backorders now!

I have so many Naked Glory watches that I can wear a different watch every single day for at least 3 weeks.

LOL. 😳

Collecting my ASOS parcel at this super ulu warehouse.

I totally regretted paying $40 for the express shipping! They didn't even attempt to ship to my house (even though they said they did but no one was home but i know that someone was home!!)…

Today's outfit!

Still very much into checks x midi skirt combinations!

Received a new batch of shipment today and I'm so happy with the new arrivals!

If you want to imagine how I feel, just imagine the happiness you feel whenever you receive a parcel and multiply it by 10000.


I'm also quite amazed that after 4 years of being in the business, I'm still so excitable when it comes to new clothes.

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