Bye Bye Braces!

Woke up to a shitload of problems at work.

Started doing extensive problem solving at 10am in the morning and thankfully managed to resolve most of them by now.

Hopefully that means the rest of my day can only get better!

Staying positive!!!


Taking off my braces today!

Took the braces off for good!!!

Still can't quite believe how naked my teeth feels now. Hahah.

Weird in a good way.

I finally can eat without noodles and veggies getting stuck in the braces!!!

Wore an upcoming skirt out today! I wore this in pink over the long weekends and am seriously thinking about keeping all colours.

Maybe I should.

I can foresee pairing this with so many tops I own!

The material is just too awesome. Not sheer even for white! 👍


Look at my smile today! Doesn't it look just a teeny weeny bit different compared to when I still had my braces on??

Keep running to mirrors to check my new teeth out!




Blog updated with a preview of another colour of the upcoming pelmet skirt! Hehe.

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