Spiderman 2

Ear plugs are my new best friends and they are the best invention that mankind has ever come up with.

Being a bit drama here but thanks to two rubber orange bits, I managed to have quality (and uninterrupted sleep for several days!).

Now I just need to rid myself of this bad habit of staying up past 2am. πŸ˜”

Handy household tip: add a bit of white vinegar into the water of your clothes steamer when they start to sputter hot water at you like a mad bitch.

Works for me every single time!

I don't know why but this Philips steamer I bought always sputters violently after a few uses. And mind you, having hot water rain all over you while trying to steam clothes is no joke ok!

So I went to google and found this little remedy!

So far so good, works like a charm every single time! I think the vinegar works because it gets rid of mineral deposits in the tap water which clogs up the pipe.



Photoshoot day today!

A new batch of shipment just arrived too, super happy day! 😁😁😁

Never beats the satisfaction of seeing the samples that you've worked on for months coming true. It is this absolutely indescribable feeling of accomplishment and joy.

We're working real hard to bring you better things this next half of the year! Fighting!!!!!

Yesterday's outfit.

In an extremely versatile basic top! And I finally got to wear my Topshop palm print pants out. Hehehe. Black and white again but I don't care!

Loving the side slits! 😍

We picked a thinner cotton jersey material so that it's more cooling when worn and therefore easier to wear in Sg's horrible weather!

And today's outfit! In the asymmetrical pelmet skirt again but in a different colour, blue!

Might have overdone it with the skirts this week but I just loveeee them too much!

My very awesome #ootd photographer @jongsy is the best. Just one shot needed to capture my 'walking' pose! 😘

I'm in a super good mood cos I'm on my way to catch the movie premiere of Spiderman 2!! Plus we did a really good shoot just now! Woohoo! (On a side note, why the emoticons don't have spider one ah?)

Thank you again #nuffnangsg for the invite! 😘

Feel so blessed whenever I get to catch blockbusters like Divergent and Captain America first hand! So little to make me happy! Hehe.

Another one of me in this skirt because I'm not sure if I can blog in time for Sunday's launch.

So I compensate by posting more photos here la, ok? πŸ˜‰


Chose this sticker cos there's a spider in it! Hahahaha. Damn bo liao me.

Spiderman 2 was 😍😍😍 awesome!

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone looks way too cute together! Loved the special effects too!

No spoilers from me, go catch it on the screens once it's out!!

Ok maybe I'll just let you in on something…

There's no bonus scene after the credits. So don't wait and end up feeling cheated like me! Hahaha.

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