Why Customers Are Not Always Right

Slept past my alarm this morning and woke up in a slight state of panic because I was supposed to go collect my retainers at my orthodontist's.


Guess it's Friday then.

Why is it always so freaking hard to wake up in the mornings??? πŸ˜”

A photo taken of my sweet little buns (although she ain't THAT little anymore now!) yesternight when she jumped onto her cage for fun and then realised that she couldn't get down.

Hahaha. πŸ˜‚

Took a few photos before rescuing her!

Feel so lucky to have her because she has the sweetest personality!!

It's such a happy feeling to return home to her after a long day at work.

I've heard horror stories of bunnies who become aggressive during their puberty (which is right now for my little bun) but so far she's still really docile and sweet tempered!

It really is the cutest sight when she instantly flops down and melts into a bunny puddle whenever someone gives her head rubs. Hehe.

Read an article on FB titled "Top 5 reasons why 'the customer is always right' is wrong".

1. It makes employees unhappy.

2. It gives abrasive customers an unfair advantage.

3. Some customers are bad for business.

4. It results in worse customer service.

5. Some customers are just plain wrong.

Can't agree more because I, for one, have never ever told my staff that "The customer is always right."

Some customers are just plain ridiculous and I do not believe that just because they are customers, they should get everything done according to their way.

Some of them send nasty emails which are entirely unprovoked and unnecessary. Why then, should we give in to them and let them think that aggression is all they need to be "right"?

Some shoppers might feel that "oh, but if we don't sound fierce in our emails, our demands won't be met."

Firstly, whether your request would be agreed to never depends on how angry you sound. It depends on how reasonable you are when you put forth your request. If only I could show you some of the demands made by customers… LOL.

Secondly, we are all humans. If you are nice, we are more likely to reciprocate.

And lastly, we do try to leave a good impression on all customers for all their transactions. Be it whether the transaction goes through or not. So when we are unable to meet some of your requests (like replacing a lost normal mail for free), it might be because you're simply asking for too much.

I think the online shopping industry would be a much better place if some customers could just put themselves in our shoes when making certain requests/demands.

In all honesty though, we have not had that many unreasonable customers.

Most of our customers are actually really reasonable when we tell them that certain things can't be done due to limitations and some are even extremely nice to us.

On bad days when we have horrible customers, we just take a deep breath and look at the poster on our office wall. LOL.

You might not like what I've said in this post if you're a customer…

But I'm sure many of those who are working in the service industry would agree with me.

Just always remember, if you're a nice and reasonable customer, you're more likely to get your requests met (whenever possible for the service provider) and the world will be a happier place for all!

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