Saveur and The Sushi Bar

Glorious day ahead!

It's Friday and I can't be happier about it! 😁

My work day is gonna end early tonight because I gotta report for my dental appointment at 3pm later. Collecting my retainers!

I will be a good girl and wear my retainers EVERY SINGLE DAY. Wouldn't want my teeth to go back to their former horror days.

Friday's florals.


My orthodontist is pretty damn awesome!

I gifted a top to her the other day because she said she liked what I was wearing…

Didn't expect anything in return but she told me she would do free bleaching for me! Woohoo! ☺ Happy like mad.

My retainers in a hot pink box!

Dear @jongsy, please remember to nag at me every night to wear this. For life.

First round of dinner at Saveur!

Saveur pasta is so awesome! πŸ˜‹

FEP is so quite nowadays but it has 2 of my favourite food places. And my nail sponsor Milly's is there too! So I do visit it every now and then.

Met Thom early today and we didn't have lunch. So we got ourselves seated at Saveur around 4pm. Love it cos the entire place is so empty! Super short waiting time when it comes to food. Heh.

Andddd my all time favourite, foie gras!


Didn't order my usual duck confit cos I wanted to save my tummy some space for sushi!

Sushi Bar for dinner round 2!

Usually I wouldn't even dare to think about heading there on a weekend evening… But since we were early today, we went there to queue at 5.15pm (they open at 5.30pm) and managed to be the first batch of customers to be seated for dinner!


Please do order their salmon sashimi and the scallop mentaiyaki!

Super to die for!!

We actually ordered another scallop mentaiyaki after we were done with the first one because we couldn't get enough of it.

Super drool worthy!!!

Just look at what you're missing out on. Just look. This is one of the items I ALWAYS order when I'm at The Sushi Bar.

I think they improved on this dish and made the scallop slices thicker than before!

And yupp, I'm now back at home because I have work to do. Still, awesome Friday because I got to eat so much good food!

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