Working Sunday.

Today marks my first 7 day work week of 2014.

Hahaha. 😭

I've been heading down to the office every day because I need to clear A LOT of work before the big move starts to happen.

And then next weekend I will be off for a work trip, so that's another 7 day work week…

Guess it's a good thing that I love my job then?



Only 5pm and the Ichiban Sushi at AMK Hub already has a long queue!! Whatttttt.

I think they need to have more Japanese restaurants at AMK Hub. Or just maybe more restaurants.

You hardly see restaurants without any queue at all during meal times.

Like damn deprived like that everyone. Haha.

Sad. I'm really craving for sashimi!!! 😭😭😭

Walked past MOS Burger and my favourite Saba Rice Burger is back!!! πŸ’ͺ

Shall eat this thennnnnn.

My favourite used to be the Unagi one but they sadly decided to discontinue it. Unwise decision, MOS Burger! 😑



I ordered this with a clam chowder soup and am feeling so satisfied now!

MOS Burger is my favourite fast food chain because the burgers are tiny. No I'm not crazy. I like eating small portions because I don't feel like I've sinned as much. Hahah.

Think I will be heading to MOS Burger at least once every week as long as this Saba Rice Burger is available!!

Green Tea Macchiato all dayyyy errdayyyy!

I really have been drinking this almost every day omg.

I know it's damn unhealthy AND damn fattening BUT life is short leh. Haha. Why deprive myself right!

Watching Star Awards 2014 now…

Christopher Lee and Fann Wong looks so good together omgawdddd. 😍

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