3CE Style Nanda

Woke up this morning to realize that my Style Nanda parcel full of 3CE is finally here!


I'm such a fan!

This is like the 5th time I'm purchasing in "bulk" from them. Haha.

Especially love their cheek and lip colours!

At my last count, I have…

– Over 20 different kinds of lip colours

– 14 cheek colours

– 1 gel eyeliner

– 1 highlighter

– 1 loose powder

– 1 pore silky balm

– 1 blotting powder

– 1 contouring palette

– 1 eyeshadow palette

– 1 set of pink brushes

From 3CE!

Maybe they should make me their VIP member. Hahaha.

ANDDDD ON A HAPPY NOTE, we finally managed to work out the issues for the cart reserve function on the website!


Probably will be able to get it up before this Wednesday's launch.

I hope this helps many of you to secure your orders better! 😘

And here's what is coming to you this mid week!!!

I'm still very much into the midi craze. Hahaha. ☺

Thought botanical prints and gingham would look really good on midis and I took a plunge. They really do look super good if I can say so myself!!

Kept it in Botanical White and I wore it out last Friday!!


I always like to keep my more flamboyant outfits till Friday. LOL.

Pretty right the prints!!!

Can't stop staring at the florals. 😍

Also kept Gingham, which is my favourite of the lot!!!

I spotted a similar pleated gingham piece at Topshop this weekend and it costs $109. 🙊

You can't really see the gingham clearly from this picture but just know that it's pretty! LOL.

Sorry for spamming…

I really really love this outfit!

Can't wait to wear this piece out again already, even though I'm still wearing it right now!

I hope I make sense. Haha.


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