Be happy and smile.

My current wallpaper.

Be Happy And Smile!


It's gonna be a good day ahead.

On the cheeks today.

Peachy Beach!

It's a gradient blush which is supposed to look more natural on your cheeks. And I think it really does look a lot more natural as compared to blushes with just one colour which can go right smack on your cheek and look too weird if you don't blend well.


I actually already have the duo tone blush which is made up of the same colours. 😳

But the gradient is too pretty to resist.


2 things off the checklist today!

1) Settle the cart reservation function on TTR website.

2) Get a moving company to come to our office and give a quotation on how much it costs to move 85869594050 pieces of apparels plus tables plus chairs plus racks plus the entire studio area and lots of other stuff to the new office.

Today's pretty skies. ☺

I feel so happy whenever I get to catch nice sunsets after work.

Today's outfit.

Hahaha. Black and white again. My favourite nowadays.

And there's just something about this pair of skorts which makes it super flattering!! 😍

Today's outfit taken at the new office's compound.

I love that there is an abundance of space with shade (VERY IMPORTANT!!) for us to take our #ootd photos. And that everywhere looks super neutral in colours of white, black and grey.

Close up of the prints!!

Anyway, the top is also upcoming on TTR. My love for off shoulder tops never stops. ☺

Super easy to match with bottoms! And good for showing off your collarbones. Hehe.

I have been sadly neglecting my blog ever since I became more active on Dayre. Feeling very guilty and hence I shall blog tonight!!

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