Why saying 'NO' is a skill that successful entrepreneurs should master.

"Often, we end up saying 'yes' to maintain friendships or relationships. Just as often, however, we end up with the exact opposite result.

Our desire to be polite by saying 'yes' is often not matched by our friends', who tend to overstay their welcome by expecting a ton of work for very little profit. This can lead to animosity, ruined relationships and even a damaged reputation for your company.

Saying 'no' on the front end avoids these problems and most times, your friends and colleagues will respect you more for being upfront and honest.

Knowing how to say 'no' is also an acquired skill.

If you have come to the realization that you need to turn someone down, you have to figure out how to do it politely. It's always ok to say 'no', but it is never ok to be rude. If you need to say no, tell them you can't because you have other commitments.

You're not obligated to give a specific reason but do so if you feel comfortable.

It's also helpful to give the person suggestions. You may not be able to help but maybe someone else can. Or maybe you know of another way to go about doing it that will save them a lot of time. They will be appreciative of even the smallest tips.

And if you just need to say 'no, I can't do this', then just say it.

While it's a little scary to think about the person's reaction, you'll come to find that it's never even half as bad as we expect. People are more understanding than you think.

Once you've learned to say 'no', you'll find yourself with more time to work on yourself and things that are important to you and your company."

Read this article from FB and I really just wanted to share because I think I'm someone who is extremely prone to saying 'yes'. I mean, it's always seems easier to say 'yes' rather than to face the awkwardness and discomfort when you have to reject someone, right? Worse still if that person is your friend.

But then I came to realize that if that person is truly your friend, they will understand your reasons for saying 'no' and that they will eventually come to terms with it.

If that person bears a grudge with you for saying 'no', then probably he/she is not worth having as a friend.

So… Moral of the story?

I need to master how to say 'no' when I have to.


Sorry for the super chunky paragraphs of words! I hope at least it puts you to sleep if it is not interesting to you. Haha.

Bringing this fat ball of fur for her monthly grooming!

And I also need to book an appointment next week for her to get spayed cos she'll officially be 6 months old then!

And because there's a small cafe called Ciel Patisserie opposite Scruffiez (where I sent Milk Tea for grooming), we took the liberty of having high tea! Hahaha.

This is my favourite!

Fresh fruit tart. 🍓

The pastry cream is SO GOOD.

Chocolate Salted Caramel Tart!

Anything salted caramel is enough to make me order.

Love that the salted caramel filling wasn't cloyingly sweet!

Strawberry shortcake which tasted decent but got outshone by the tarts! 😂

Their lemon meringue tart and chocolate almond tart which we didn't get to try this time round!

Sometimes I wish I had another stomach just for desserts. Heh.

Yummy looking tiramisu which I will try the next time I bring my buns for grooming! 😋

And the owner of this place is really young! Only 21 years old when she opened this place. I could never have done so much when I was 21.

I was still struggling with school and handling TTR at the same time when I was 21. Haha.

Out shopping in town right now and I'm the cat in front and Thom is the cat behind holding all my shopping.


Aldo is having a promotion by the way! $50 off for $250 spent.


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