You, Heartbreaker.

On possibly the bumpiest taxi ride EVER to meet my girl pals for lunch!

And another second group later for high tea. Haha. Happening Labour Day for me!

Was supposed to meet Thom but he needed to study for exams and we already went out yesterday evening.

Surprise, surprise!

I'm in the Heart Breaker Midi Skirt in Gingham again.

I don't think I have ever worn the same item out within the same week before. #achievementunlocked

But I really love this skirt! (Backorders are already opened by the way!!)

My personal #ootd photographer @jongsy is out of town so I got the little sissy to help me take an anyhow shot. Hahaha.

I think my taxi driver is awesome. He didn't take the usual route from CTE to Bukit Timah to send me to Bugis cos the jam sure damn bad on PH.

He went by PIE then Kallang and I'm in Bugis now in record time! Woohoo!



The right side is for people like me who are rushing for time, ok??

Didn't eat this cos I'm meeting my squash girls later for desserts.

But had a good gossip (what else right, group of girls at a cafe) over ice cream and waffles with @steffyduffyy, @yinagoh, @ceejayam, Deb and HJ!


Always great to meet the girls! Missing @wendyx and Fel today though!!!

Super in love with this upcoming top!

If you remembered, I wore this outfit previously and posted on my Instagram. And now the stocks are here! 😍

The fit is even better now, and I picked a really awesome material for this piece so that the flow will turn out nice!

The cutting is extremely flattering and the flare will make your limbs look super skinny in contrast. Hahaha.

You can tell when I really love an outfit because I will then post many pictures of it. Hahaha. πŸ˜‚

You don't have to worry about this tube top dropping down easily just because it's flare and doesn't seem to hold on really well.

Let you in on a secret, there's a bustier layer inside! So it feels reallyyyy secure. If you buy the right size la. Don't buy one size bigger and expect it to not drop.

I also added an anti slip band at the ptp to make it even more secure. Wore this out for the entire day and didn't feel uncomfortable in it at all, unlike my original piece.

Photo of me and @jongsy together. #sistersootd again!

She's wearing a mesh insert midi skirt also upcoming this Sunday.

Aren't you excited for Sunday already???

The off shoulder top which I wore with the Havana Skorts and which @jongsy is wearing in this picture…. Also this Sunday. Hahaha.

The white version of this top!

I realize I really like pairing jeans with this top. 😳

Ok, one last picture of the top cos I think the pleats look really nice here! Hahaha.

Off to settle work and more work before the weekends swing around and I go off for my work trip!

Actually, other than the fact that I managed to meet up with my friends today…

I really dislike public holidays. They are so disruptive to the work flow!!!

Shipments get delayed, the parcels we sent out get delayed, transfers from Paypal to bank account get delayed. 😑

And the worse thing is, everyone takes so longggg after a PH to get back on track! So infuriating. Bahhh.

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