My little fluff getting depressed as we pack our luggage for tonight's flight.


One of my buys the other day from the Aldo sale!


Other than the fact that it gets pretty uncomfortable after a while, I like how it looks on my feet! And the holographic portion is just LOVE.

In a bit of a crazy rush right now…

Will upload pictures of my outfit today later on the way to the airport!

Wish me luck in packing so that I don't miss out packing anything!

All's done and we're heading for the airport now!

I hardly have to pack my luggage much because I usually don't even unpack from my trip. Haha. And most of the essential items are already in the luggage.

I'm pretty travel-ready, actually!

And this is really random but I like cabbies who help us lift luggages into car boots without complaints and being very man about it.

Some cabbies just KEEP ON grumbling and nagging whenever they see us wanting to board their cabs with huge luggages.

Not my fault that we are εΌ±ε₯³ε­ right. Haha. Actually I don't mind lifting the luggages myself.

I'm quite strong.

Can show you my scary biceps someday. πŸ’ͺ

Really looking forward to having a my first decent meal today at the airport before the flight.

But first, since I'm still on the cab, I shall post my #ootd here!

I think I love everything about this outfit. Seriously!

I don't know what else to say about the skirt except that it's super gorgeous and I love that it comes with so much fabric! 😍😍

The first sample scared me a little because it looked far from this. Glad that we managed to resolve the issue and ended up with this super pretty version!

It's the kind of skirt which makes me feel like twirling but unfortunately my looks-super-nice-plus-holographic-but-uncomfortable-to-wear-for-long-heels are not made for twirling.


Took this trying to look happy shot for an advert but decided to use another in the end.

Posting it because… I think my arms look super muscular here.

I really dislike them because they look so unfeminine! 😑 But I don't think there's any way to get rid of those muscles.

Okkkkk anyway enjoy your Friday! While I'm off to slog my guts out for the weekend ahead.

Bye! 😘

Omg hahaha am back again.

Just realized that there is Itacho at T3!

Sorry haha just needed to share my excitement.


Cleverly transformed my orange top into part of my airport outfit.


And I'm sitting in Itacho already! Was expecting a queue but there's none. Heheh. Happy!

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