Twirl, twirl.

So excited for this skirt to be launched tonight!

Definitely one of the prettiest skirts I own. ☺

I'm still on my work trip and usually I hardly update my social media when I'm overseas.

Just felt an urge to do so because I forgot to post pictures of this skirt in white before I left the other day. 😁

And of course, how can one not do twirling shots in this ultra flowy skirt!


Managed to do some nice twirls thanks to the instructions of @jongsy!

And another.

Always hate it when I chance upon awesome snacks when I'm overseas.

Because I will then feel like stocking up and buying cartons back to Sg in case I don't return back to that country soon. (Anyone feels the same???)

BUT. Finding these on my work trip is not that bad at all because I get to return once a month and I only need to stock up on a month's supply each time! Hahaha.

Thanks to Deborah who asked me to buy these for her. I'm super in love with them now too!! 😍

Finally settled everything and I can't wait for my flight home tonight!

2 days of work trip used to feel like a really long time for me last time. But I'm slowly getting used to it. I think even 4 days would be bearable for me now.

Nowadays, I'm always looking forward to the start of the month so that I can go on my work trip. It's not that I love this place (this place is crappp), but more like I'm enjoying work a lot more since a few months back. Sounds crazy but it's true!

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