Today's challenge:

Pack every thing in the office which can be packed into boxes into the boxes.


The movers came by the other day to give us a quotation.

And he estimated that we need at least 50 boxes for apparels alone. πŸ˜…

We're gonna have SO MUCH FUN packing. Whee.

This is better than gym. No joke.

I now understand why some companies stay on at their offices despite the increase in rental.

Lesson learnt.

I thought it would get better with each move but apparently not. We seem to have x10 the amount of things to shift compared to the last time!

It's been so long ever since I previewed this skirt! 😳

And the stocks are finally hereeeee!

Love how fun this skirt is to pair with tops!

Kept 4 out of 5 colours for this skirt without hesitation and resistance from @jongsy. Heheh.

Love the pleats! ☺

I know I was supposed to show you some previews yesterday… Heh. Tonight ok! I didn't manage to finish many photos last night because I was watching this China show called ζœ€εΌΊε€§θ„‘ and got mind blown by how freaking smart China people are.

Decided to post a few edited pictures from Sunday's launch since I promised so yesterday!

We have not completed shooting for the collection, so don't expect this to be a super-a-lot-of-pictures kind of preview.


Bringing back the Havana Skorts this weekend in an entirely different material from the previous Wrap Party Skorts!

We recently found a fabric which is really great for bottoms, and so that calls for a remake of this skorts which @jongsy and I personally really love!

If you don't already own a piece of this previously, the cutting is really really damn flattering!

Look out for it this weekend! Comes in Black and a new colour, Cobalt! πŸ˜‰

Andddd the previous suede tee which we launched and so many of you love!

Bringing this back under our label with two sizes and two new shades which weren't available previously!

This is a super pretty shade of fuchsia and I'm really into pink shades this season, haha.

Suede tee in white!!!

I have yet to think of a new name for this top. Hmm…

And spot both of our upcoming bottoms paired with the suede tops! Heh. Excites!

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