So tough to be an adult.


There are forever important decisions to be made, admin tasks to be done, taxes to be paid, responsibilities to fulfill, phone calls to be made, appointments to be set.

And you have to settle your own shit cos nobody is going to be here with you every step of the way teaching you what to do.

Ever since we planned to move to the new office, I've met with so many unprecedented problems which I have no idea how to solve and had to go around finding out how.

So many new terms to learn and technicalities to understand when it comes to doing up a bare office unit.

So much time needed for me to settle the relocation of my utilities and telecommunications accounts.

So you see, running a business and being an adult is so much harder than it seems.

The only silver lining today has to be getting a free business mobile line, a mobile phone and a mobile broadband because we got our contract renewed.


I'm still at Singtel building right now after 3 hours.

Still gotta get back to the office to complete the last bit of packing.

Save meeee, anyone?



Most people come to City Plaza for the ban mian, but my heart is with the basil pork with egg rice from the Thai food stall!

I always, always order this when I am at City Plaza. Unless they are closed. Then I accept ban mian. Hahaha.

This is by far the best basil pork rice I've tried in Sg! Remember to change the egg to omelette cos the omelette tastes much better than the sunny side up!

Seafood tom yum which I hardly order, but it is still nicer than most tom yum soup I've tried in other thai food places in Singapore!

The thai food stall is seriously underrated. Give it a try instead of the usual ban mian next time you head to CP!

I also like their pad thai!!

Less than half of the actual amount of things that we actually need to move over to the new office.

I really mean it when I say I will NOT be moving office so soon in the near future again.

This is really no joke leh.

I wish the movers good luck tomorrow, moving all these down 3 flights of stairs. 💪


Having prata right now. I usually will not crave for such fat food at night and I will try to abstain even if I do.. But I think I need to reward myself for a productive day!

Another early day tomorrow. 😔

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