There's quite a mix up for the skirt during the photoshoot! Some photos appear to have not-so-tidy pleats because the factory was rather silly and had sewn the labels at the wrong position.

The right way to wear this would be with the zip and button at the side so that the pleats fall nicely like my ootd, but the way the factory position the label misled the models to wear the skirt with the button at the back instead, resulting in some not so tidy pleats.

OMGGGGG MY POST IS SPLIT INTO 2 BECAUSE THE CLOCK STRIKED 12 and it's a brand new day on Dayre.

I feel like Cinderella now.


Okay so anyway, if you purchase this skirt, just wear it like I do so that you get nice pleats!

Button and side on your right side!

I need to remind the factory to stop being irritating on such issues. Now I see the photoshoot photos I also feel uncomfortable all over. 😭😭😭

Last photo of the pink skirt, promise! I will spam you all with the white when I wake up later "today".

I think Dayre needs to have a function to let us play cheat and go back in time to edit the posts!

I can feel my OCD acting up already. πŸ˜₯

Good morning!!!

McDonald's hash brown to welcome the morning. Hahaha.

Had to be at the office at 10am for the delivery of furniture. I swear this world needs to start operating at a later timing.

Waking up today feels like death. Given that I fell asleep within 5 seconds last night.

Initially wanted to wear the Pleaty Please Skirt in White today but it hit me that I had a lot of unpacking to do and so I went for the Petal Flare Shorts instead.

Super comfy Sunday outfit! 😁

Didn't celebrate Mother's Day today because there's still work to be done (need to clear the office so that work can go uninterrupted tomorrow), and everywhere is going to be so crowded!

Will be bringing my mum out for a belated celebration next week instead!

I just started feeding my buns with veggies cos she recently turned 6 months old.

But… She doesn't seem to like them at all!!!

Is this normal?

I tried carrots too but she only half heartedly took bites before returning to her pellets and hay. πŸ˜”

Anyone knows why?

How can bunnies not like veggies???

Or carrots???

Just when I thought she wanted to eat her greens like a good girl…

She took a few bites and chucked them aside.


She would rather chew on the Aldo shoe box which I gave her as a toy.


Like owner, like bunny.

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