PH woes

Our first day at the new office ended at around 11pm.

That's 11 hours of work straight.

But thanks to my hardworking team and hardworking Thom, we managed to put everything where they should be!

And on top of that, I'm glad that we managed the move without disruptions to our operations.


And because hardworking people deserves to eat like pigs.

So fortunate to have someone on the team who can bake super well (and regularly)!!!


Plus Tori Q for lunch.

And KOI, which I don't have a picture of.

Can't believe I was so busy that I didn't even have time to update about my #ootd today! Well, ok, technically yesterday.

Hahah. 😛

I can tell that this skirt will definitely be a wardrobe staple for me.

Love it too much!

Backorders are opened already, don't miss out!

Before we worked like crazy to unpack the office and make it more conducive to work in.

I'm still damn amazed that we unpacked everything today. I thought we would take a few days at least!

Realized we forgot to lock the glass doors last night before leaving office and had to make a trip down specially just to lock up.


Looks like I can't escape from work even on a PH!

Heading to meet my contractor now to finalise some details for reinstating the old office. Too much things to do! Too little of me.

Heading out on Public Holidays can be quite a bad idea….

Everywhere is crowded, every cafe has a queue, every carpark is full.

Bahhhh. 😩

Having some comfort food at Shokudo!

It's been long since I've eaten here.

Super love their Hotate Mentaiko Wafu Aglio Olio Pasta! (Okay seriously this name is a bit too long)

And their Unagi Mushroom thin crust pizza is a must-order!!

I have yet to find another thin crust pizza that I like! Not even Timbre's roasted duck pizza.

Part of today's outfit.

Had an unexpected conversation with the fashion assistants at a store. Walked out after trying some apparels and one of them said she likes my skirt and where is it from.

So I told them, "Oh it's from my own label, I have an online store."

They were like, "Ohhhh your own label?? What is your store called?"

So I replied that I own TTR and they went "OMG. TTR as in The Tinsel Rack?"

And I told them to check out the skirt at tomorrow's launch.


Paired it with the Cooper Cut In Top which we plan to bring back in a month or two!


Taken earlier when I went back to office to lock the doors.


My office is really a nice place to take #ootd pictures.

The entire building is not really occupied yet and no one will judge us for taking outfit photos in the middle of the road, or at the carpark, or along the corridors.

And best of all, a lot of places are shaded! Which makes for good photo-taking!

You can tell when I love my outfit because I tend to spam more photos here.

Sometimes it's really hard to pick JUST one for posting on Instagram. That's where Dayre comes in handy!

I think Drea definitely does a much better job than me at making this skirt look awesome!

I love the cracked marble prints so much!

Love at first sight for me. 😍😍😍

It also comes in the floral prints which we used to do the Valentino Cropped Top!

We had lots of customers telling us that they really love these floral prints. So we decided to make it into a skirt as well!

Maybe you can #collectthewholeset? Hehehe.

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