Got the office internet up and running (godddd you have no idea how torturing it was to have only one laptop running on mobile broadband to be shared amongst everyone on our first day) and settled the season parking!

Checked and checked! Two things off my to-do list today!

One of the posters on my office wall.

I believe in having a positive workplace so that everyone works happier!

I've been so pathetically busy lately that I can only afford to update my #ootd on IG and Dayre only after I've reached home and bathed.


But still, love work so no complaints!

Our second attempt at mesh and I love it!

So loving the trends this season!

This skirt is coming up on TTR this weekend so keep your eyes peeled, won't you? 👀

It was a really hot day but I wanted to do some layering since I stayed at the office for most parts of my day.

Found this old denim shirt in my wardrobe which was launched previously on TTR and decided to throw it on.

Turned out not too bad! But definitely not if I were headed out for a day of shopping in town. The heat and humidity nowadays CAN KILL.

Ok last picture!

I shall unveil the colours we have for this skirt!

Comes in black, white, mint and hot pink! (Told you I'm into pink lately!)

See, read my Dayre not bad right. Got first hand preview and can know the colours we're launching our items in. *bribery*

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